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‎Bing Finance – Microsoft Corporation‎

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blogging from windows 8

blog blog blog

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Endomondo | Community based on free GPS tracking of sports

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Woo hoo! Windows 8 baby!

Making my first post using WordPress’ Metro style app on Windows 8!

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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HOWTO – Tendering for your car registration number in Malaysia

Many people are discouraged or even afraid to go through the process of tendering for your car registration number in Malaysia. You hear of steep amount to tender for your favorite car registration number, or being conned by middlemen commonly known as “runners”. Fret not, you could actually go through the steps by yourself, without too much heartache and headache. You should begin the process early. Say you just placed an order for your car, and you’re told you need to wait for 3 months before the delivery of your car. You could tender for your car registration number immediately because it takes about 2 weeks before the results are announced, and you have 3 months to register your car under the tendered number.

Here’s how.

  1. Check out the guide about applying for your vehicle registration number at http://portal.jpj.gov.my/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=15%3Apanduan-memohon-nombor-pendaftaran-kenderaan&catid=6%3Akenderaan&lang=ms. Find out all the necessary documents you need to bring, i.e., photocopy of your NRIC.
  2. If you’re in KL, go to the JPJ branch in Setapak, KL. I believe that this is the one-and-only branch of JPJ in KL which deals with car registration. Do not go to the branch in Maju Junction. The GPS coordinates of the Setapak branch is are N3 12.212 E101 43.464. Car park is free but car park lots are limited, so be prepared to wait for a free slot.
  3. Go straight to the customer service office on the ground floor. There is a file at the counter which you could just help yourself to find out the previous tendered amount.
  4. You should check out the previous tendered amount for your favorite or car registration number of choice because this will give you an idea of how much you should tender for. Usually they will put the last 2 car registration series in the file.
  5. Decide the amount you will tender for your favorite car registration number. For example, if you want to tender for the number 778, and last tendered amounts were RM301 and RM310 respectively, you should be confident that you’ll be successful at tendering with an amount of RM311, or RM320 (just in case).
  6. The customer service officer would ask you to purchase the forms along with the pre-paid stamp envelope. This is purchased at the forms counter. If I had not mistaken it costs RM2.70. Small amount, so I’m sure you would gladly pay.
  7. Pay 50% of the tendered amount. You need to pay this in money order from POS Malaysia. There is a POS Malaysia counter right next to the forms counter. Say your tendered amount is RM320, so you just buy RM160 worth of money orders.
  8. Go up to 2nd floor of the same building to pay RM10 for the service charge. This can be paid by cash at the counter. You will need to take a queue ticket.
  9. Fill up your forms, and bring all the necessary documents back to the customer service counter if you want them to verify that you have fill up everything correctly.
  10. Then you put the envelope into the tender collection box which is around the other side of the building, near to Pintu (door) 5.
  11. Then you wait until the results announcement date.


On the day of your results announcement, call the Tender Department of JPJ at 03-40202281, and you could inquire whether you are successful in your tender bid. If you’re successful, congrats, you can go to JPJ to get the necessary letter so that you can register your car under the number.

Otherwise, you will wait for the letter from JPJ and I reckon they will inform you how to collect the tender deposit you’d placed.


To get the letter about your tender success from JPJ, here’s how:

  1. The letter which has the result of your tender is kept at a counter at Pintu (door) 5. Walk around the building, go up one level to the second floor. You will see many runners in that hall, but just walk to the far end of the hall, there is a counter, which is counter 31 if I had not mistaken.
  2. They will search for your letter by name.
  3. Once you have the letter, head back to the general counters on the 2nd floor. Tell the guy at the counter of your intention to get the queue ticket.
  4. You can pay the balance of your tendered amount by CASH! Yes, if you’re the owner of the vehicle, you need not pay the remaining balance in money order. This saves you from paying the commission to POS Malaysia.
  5. VOILA!
  6. You can now register your new car with this new care registration number.
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